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Bridging the Gap After a Career Break

Bridging the Gap 3-Week Bootcamp is specifically designed for professionals ready to re-enter the workforce following a career break.

Our self-paced videos, workbooks, resources and one-to-one coaching sessions will help you stay on track by offering an individual resume and online profile review, specific strategies tailored to your needs, and most importantly, the positive yet constructive feedback Elizabeth is known for.

Self-Paced Learning Combined with Individual Coaching Calls

At the end of this 3-week interactive online workshop, you’ll leave with:

  • Specific strategies for closing the resume gap using volunteer and life experience
  • A resume highlighting your unique accomplishments, formatted to reflect current best-practices
  • Compelling Resume Summary and Personal Branding Statements for use throughout your job search
  • 4 Keys to Finding the Confidence to Reach your Goals
  • A professional online presence on LinkedIn
  • Effective strategies for networking your way to referrals, perfect even for people who don’t like networking

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