Why Being the Best Won’t Get You the Job

By Elizabeth Borelli / March 9, 2020

A recent conversation reminded me of an often-overlooked hiring fact. In talking with a highly qualified candidate who kept hitting roadblocks when it came to the job offer, I saw the familiar signs. In the final decision rounds, hiring managers will always choose the less risky candidate over the “best” (smartest, best-educated, most experienced) one.…

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But…won’t I seem pushy?

By Elizabeth Borelli / February 18, 2020

Won’t I seem pushy? I get this question almost daily from the clients I work with. They read a job description that’s a perfect fit and they’re ready to apply. Yet during our strategy discussion, they’re worried about crossing the line between proactive and pushy. But here’s the thing to keep in mind; career networking…

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5 Ways Women Advance into Leadership

By Elizabeth Borelli / October 15, 2019

Regardless of your political views, it’s abundantly clear that as a society we need more women leaders. Yet that’s not the trend we’re currently seeing. The number of women leading Fortune 500 companies dropped by roughly 25 percent since last year, leaving fewer women in leadership positions with decision-making power. As we know, this is…

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3 Steps to a Powerful Online Brand

By Elizabeth Borelli / September 26, 2019

Question; when was the last time you tried a new restaurant without a recommendation or Google search to hear what other customers had to say? After all, why would you? There’s no need to risk a bad meal with so many reputable options to choose from. In fact studies show that only a small percentage…

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5 signs your life is holding you hostage, and 3 brilliant escape plans

By Elizabeth Borelli / September 3, 2019

Are you making the best of your work, your health or even your relationship because, well, it’s the hand you were dealt? “It’s not so bad”, you tell yourself. “I’ll get through this.  Eventually things will get better”… We all go through tough times in life, it’s true.  And knowing how to focus on the…

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Take the stress out of your job search; 3 tips to keep your momentum going

By Elizabeth Borelli / August 30, 2019

Take the stress out of the job search 3 tips to keep the momentum going Big life shifts can be anything but easy, and finding a new job ranks high on the big shift list. Even when your search is voluntary, this process can press your stress buttons to a roaring peak. Think about it,…

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Three Simple Ways to Make Your Goals a Reality

By Elizabeth Borelli / April 8, 2019

Is there someone in your life (maybe even you) who always talks about that thing they know they should do, yet somehow it never seems to happen? Maybe it’s making a career change, getting a handle on finances or maintaining a regular exercise routine. Whatever that “should” looks like, the reason is always the same;…

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The Resume Title to Land the Job

By Elizabeth Borelli / March 25, 2019

I spoke to a prospective client this morning during a “discovery session”, to introduce myself and find out where she needed support along her career path.  This accomplished mid-career professional was looking to return to work after a 6 month hiatus to help her mom to recover from surgery. After explaining how she was preparing…

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7 Career Goal Confidence Hacks

By Elizabeth Borelli / February 27, 2019

Experts know, the biggest key to building confidence is taking action!  Yet it’s a chicken and egg problem, if you’re not feeling confident, it’s hard to put yourself out there. We all know how important networking is to landing your next career opportunity.  That said, I frequently work with people who aren’t ready to dive…

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4 Barrier-Busting Tips for Reaching your Potential

By Elizabeth Borelli / February 14, 2019

Raising children takes a special blend of hands-on management and learning to let go, sometimes simultaneously.  In my 16 years of parenting, I can’t say I’ve really perfected this balance. It was during one of those “parenting true confessions” conversations that a friend mentioned he’d (miraculously in my opinion) managed to keep from dropping the…

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