Make Time for Your Goals with this Free App

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 3, 2020

Has the holiday sizzle left you feeling flat?  In other words, has your regular routine completely go sideways over these weeks of nonstop festivity? I get it!  Kids on vacation, family visiting, the never-ending errands over the holidays can completely derail you.  I know this past two-week break in my writing schedule took the wind…

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Declutter your mind Marie Kondo-style

By Elizabeth Borelli / October 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered why author and “tidying expert” Marie Kondo has become such a household name? She’s a professional organizer whose empire now includes a network TV show dedicated entirely to her work. Are Americans really that interested in other people’s clutter? Maybe. But I believe the real fascination is the universal belief that…

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3 Tips for Pushing Past Fear to Reaching Your Goals!

By Elizabeth Borelli / August 15, 2019

My favorite part of coaching is supporting people through change. People like my former client Sharon, an HR manager with the same corporation for 12 years, until last month. Although Sharon didn’t love her job or her boss, she wasn’t ready to look for a new one. Stuck as a sailboat on a windless day,…

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