Midlife Makeover

Make Time for Your Goals with this Free App

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 3, 2020

Has the holiday sizzle left you feeling flat?  In other words, has your regular routine completely go sideways over these weeks of nonstop festivity? I get it!  Kids on vacation, family visiting, the never-ending errands over the holidays can completely derail you.  I know this past two-week break in my writing schedule took the wind…

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Your 2020 Transformation Plan Starts Today!

By Elizabeth Borelli / December 10, 2019

Do you have a 2020 vision? Maybe there’s a goal you want to reach or habit you’ve wanted to change for a while, but…you haven’t had the time or resources to get started.  You may be thinking that you’ve done this whole New Year’s thing before – started a new routine or changed an unhealthy…

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Declutter your mind Marie Kondo-style

By Elizabeth Borelli / October 24, 2019

Have you ever wondered why author and “tidying expert” Marie Kondo has become such a household name? She’s a professional organizer whose empire now includes a network TV show dedicated entirely to her work. Are Americans really that interested in other people’s clutter? Maybe. But I believe the real fascination is the universal belief that…

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