Personal Growth

7 Energy Boosting Tips to Jumpstart your Day

By Elizabeth Borelli / July 8, 2019

The years I’ve spent coaching clients to reach their goals has taught me a lot.  One fundamental lesson; energy matters. A close second; most of want more of it, especially when we’re working toward change. A few years ago, I worked with a VNA (visiting nurses association) in California that drove this point home for…

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A tried and true path to mid-life confidence

By Elizabeth Borelli / July 6, 2019

Always on the lookout for fresh ideas for building mid-life confidence, I just finished Sherri Salada’s new book The Beautiful No.  It’s a snappy take on tackling on the 2nd half of life with brave enthusiasm. A former Oprah show executive producer, Salada left the job of her dreams to begin all over again in…

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4 Time Management Tips for Getting Things Done

By Elizabeth Borelli / April 17, 2019

Recently I attended a women’s esteem workshop for coaches.  At the end of the day-long intensive, the facilitator asked each of the attendees to share their most powerful takeaway.  I was surprised to hear a consistent refrain:  the challenge of upholding personal boundaries for better time management. It seems regardless of how up to speed…

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10 Ways to Boost Confidence in 30 Minutes or Less

By Elizabeth Borelli / January 3, 2019

After spending an awe-inspiring weekend workshop with acclaimed author Martha Beck, I now know the solution to many of our greatest life-challenges is often the opposite of what society tells us. Where we believe we need more: money, stuff, attention; these external rewards don’t ultimately lead to lasting happiness. Sometimes less is more. On that…

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Discouraged With Your Job Search? Try This Simple Practice

By Elizabeth Borelli / October 13, 2018

One of the biggest challenges my clients face during a career shift is maintaining their confidence.  In my experience, the number one confidence-killer in the job search process is the lack of feedback. Does this sound familiar?  You’re scrolling through the job boards, dazed at the sheer number of bad fits, and suddenly you spot something interesting. …

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5 Tips to Stop Comparing and Start Connecting

By Elizabeth Borelli / September 18, 2018

What’s wrong with a little comparison?  Comparing yourself to others can feel like the most natural thing in the world.  How else will you know where you stand in life, or what to strive for? The problem with using comparison as our metric is that sometimes we’ll walk away feeling smug or at least satisfied,…

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Trapped by Self-Doubt? Rewrite your story!

By Elizabeth Borelli / September 13, 2018

Recently I attended a workshop with a small group of business leaders. We were seated in a circle, each asked to share an example of a risk we took that paid off. For some reason, I was caught completely off guard by this request. After the first person shared her experience of winning a Caldecott Award,…

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Looking for Confidence? 4 Keys to Finding it

By Elizabeth Borelli / August 22, 2018

One serious challenge most people face when seeking new career opportunities is a lapse in self-confidence.  As I learned from teaching Career Transition workshops, loss of confidence often accompanies career transition, and while I thought the strategies I provided sufficiently addressed it, without understanding the underlying challenge, it was just surface chatter. The job search…

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