NextCareer Coaching; Your Partner in Reaching Your Goals

I’m Elizabeth Borelli, and as an experienced, ICF certified career coach I know how challenging it is communicate your value. Yet positioning yourself as the best fit for the role is key to getting the offer. Over the past 4 years, I’ve built a proven track record of success in helping over 500 clients to build the right brand and land the opportunity you're looking for.

How? By reverse engineering; working with you to find the right companies, identify the perfect roles and backtrack to highlight the experiences and qualifications that best match the job or business you’re targeting.

Mindset plays a big role in my work, since in my experience, it's ultimately key to your success.  My background in workplace wellness forms the foundation for helping you to create the environment to support your goals.

My straightforward style and strategies are designed to help you build a high impact brand, optimize your referral network and connect into the companies that are right for you.

Whether you're looking for a new job, changing careers, seeking more focus or building your consulting business.  I'm here to help.

I have 3 career coaching packages to choose from, since individual goals and experience vary so widely there’s no 1 size fits all!

1. Mid to Executive Professional Branding Package

Includes: 3-Part Brand Makeover, LinkedIn review, Networking Plan, 3 individual coaching calls

Define your target audience, understand your strongest value-add and tailor your messaging (branding statement, LinkedIn profile, professional communications) to a perfect fit.

Identify the companies and roles you're targeting, build a compelling summary and branding statement, optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Gain powerful tools while learning proven best practices.

Regularly scheduled individual coaching calls keep you on track and supported throughout your program.

You'll leave with:

  • A clear understanding of your unique value proposition
  • A strong professional branding statement
  • Non-awkward or obnoxious strategies to easily grow your network
  • An up to date LinkedIn profile highlighting.your brand

Cost:  285

2. Aim High, Land Fast! Job Search or Pivot Package

Includes:  Professional Branding Plan, Resume Review/Update, LinkedIn Update, 5 individual coaching calls 

Are you a mid to executive level professional looking for your next great role?  I'll help you assess your previous experience, clarify your goals and create a step by step roadmap to guide you through the process with proven strategies and support.

We'll use informational interview strategies to identify the pressing problems you solve and define your unique value.

We'll use LinkedIn networking best-practices to build your brand.  You'll incorporate the social proof you need to gain referrals, build credibility and land the interview.  This series can be completed on your timeline.  Since it takes time to land an interview, you can schedule that session whenever you need it.

You'll Leave with:

  • A targeted, ATS-compliant resume
  • An online brand highlighting your unique value
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Networking action plan
  • Easy to update cover letter template
  • Interview tips sheet and (in person and remote) practice session.

Cost:  485

3.  FoMo (focus, motivation) WFH Playbook

Includes: FoMo Assessment, Priority driven action plan, Brand Review, Networking Plan, 4 individual or group coaching calls

Working from home is stressful!  If stress and overwhelm are interfering with your focus and productivity, this package is for you.

Whether you're job seeking or building your consulting business, success stems from structure.  Yet when you're stressed already, creating structure and routine can be overwhelming.  This workshop provides a playbook for setting yourself up for success, from your environment to your daily habits to your goal setting practices.

Helping you to:

  • Realign obligations and priorities based on your goals and values
  • Assess your routine and build a plan to shift to success
  • Slowly introduce small changes to your schedule
  • Create a plan to address your biggest challenges
  • Set yourself up for success, stay accountable and celebrate wins.

Cost:  385

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Clients are saying:

I could never have been this successful in my job search without your support and guidance. Your expertise is outstanding! I really appreciate all that you did to help me through this very difficult transition!

- Kari Hungold, recent client

I really appreciate all your help! Your weekly calls and shared resources made me feel supported and focused. At first, I had very little understanding on how to navigate my job search, interviews and negotiations but you gave me practical guidance and encouragement. I don't think I would have reached this outcome without you! Thank you!

- Tiffany Flores, recent client

Elizabeth Borelli is an extraordinary coach. I know I’m just one of many clients but Elizabeth made me feel like I was her total focus. I hope I never need (outplacement coaching) again but, if I do, I work with Elizabeth in a nanosecond.

- Steve B., recent client

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! Your input and the tools you shared with me helped to ensure that I was well prepared for the interview, and apparently they thought it went as well as I felt about it! I am so grateful for you!

– Jill Bakken, recent client