Un-Stress Your Way to Energy and Focus

Are you ready to take your energy, focus and motivation to the next level?

Our new normal is taking a toll on everyone, and so many of the professionals I work with say they’re stressed and overwhelmed.   They’re struggling to focus and to get things done.

I get it, this is an anxiety-intensive time, it makes sense that you’re more tired and distracted.  And when you lack the lacking energy and focus to get your work done, it’s even more stressful.  A stressed brain is less productive.  It’s a vicious cycle that’s hard to break.

As a career transition coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals to establish a stress reduction work at home routine during the job search.   Through this process I’ve recognized the patterns that lead to stress and overwhelm, and the steps for undoing them.

In response to this need, I developed a 5 session Unwind to Renew Coaching Package, designed to assess where you most need support, talk through your biggest challenges, identify the right shifts in your routine, slowly introduce small changes to your schedule, offer tips on setting yourself up for success, stay accountable and celebrate wins.

  •   By adopting simple stress-reduction practices (no yoga mat required), you’ll learn how to slow your thought process and align your focus to meet priority goals.
  •   By establishing small shifts in your routine and you’ll see a upturned shift in positivity and energy levels.
  •   By shifting your mindset, you’ll recognize new opportunities for reaching your goals.

Interested?  It’s easy to learn more before making the commitment.

Click here to take the 5-minute assessment!

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